Multisystem Coordination

Multisystem Coordination (MSC) is a regional effort on the part of five Southwestern Ohio counties to develop a stronger, more effective response to youth and adults with complex needs. We have the following objectives: 

1. Develop a Policy and Procedures team with representatives from each county participating in MSC to present concerns and brainstorm solutions to the challenges facing youth and adults with multiple diagnoses. This team is responsible for developing the framework for assessing needs and making recommendations.

2. Develop the resources needed for multisystem youth and adults. This includes but is not limited to: emergency respite care, planned/strategic respite care, intensive treatment teams, and family support.

3. Create a Regional Resource Team to listen to the history of an individual in need of services, make assessments, and connect them with specific services in their community.

4. Create and maintain a regional database for existing resources, including specialized services and current availability, that can be accessed to make recommendations for youth and adults served by MSC. This database will be mainatained internally by Caseworthy. A publicly available database will be shared here upon creation.