Multisystem Coordination

Multisystem Coordination (MSC) is a regional effort on the part of five Southwestern Ohio counties to develop a stronger, more effective response to youth and adults with complex needs. 

Our umbrella of support includes the following components:

1) SCORE Resource Network: This stands for Support, Coordination, Opportunities, Resources, and Education. This is a team of local supports and professionals, working together to provide a fresh set of eyes for complex cases, and to make referrals to specialized care. Click here to learn more!

2) Regional Resource Database: When we started working on this project, we realized how hard it is to keep up on the ever-changing landscape of services, supports, and resources for families and individuals with disabilities. We developed this public database to allow our community to look at their options. You can search by county, service type, or agency. We even included the information you will need to get started to enroll in services. Check it out!

**If you are part of an organization, agency, or program that would like to be added to this database, you can join here

3) Specialized Services: While there are many robust supports in each county for individuals with developmental disabilities, sometimes they are not enough. Our five counties worked together to start identifying the best resources for these complex cases. We have developed some supports already, like Respite for Resilience and Parent Support/Education. Click here to learn more about the specialized services and how to qualify.

4) Program Design and Development: As mentioned above, we know that there are additional supports that could be helpful to families. We are maintaining an internal database of clients (their needs and the supports that help the most) and requests from families. This will help us to know what is working well and what we need to change. Feel free to reach out to if you would like to share your thoughts on programs or supports that we should consider!